About Us


Greg Olson is a 3rd generation mason, honing his craft since he was a child. Born and operating his business in Detroit Lakes, he came down to the Minneapolis metro area for a change of scenery and to help out one of his brick laying friends in the winter 2003/2004, and never went back.

“I saw an opportunity for a lot more fun projects! Contracting is in my blood. So after helping out a couple of local contractors for a couple of years and getting a feel for the area, it just made sense for me to strike it out on my own again.”

Olson Masonry Contractors main goal is to make the customer happy and for them to see the end value in the projects we take on for them.

“I always try to remember to ask my clients if they’re glad they had us do their project — I have yet to have one tell me no!”

The Twin Cities Leader in Chimney Repair